Salty Holmes & Mattie O'Neil with the Amber Sisters and Joe Maphis = Cattle CCD 289 
Disc cover and web page designed by Mrs Dagmar Anita Binge, Germany.

CCD 289 SALTY HOLMES & MATTIE O'NEIL with the Amber Sisters and Joe Maphis (26 tracks)

BLUE EYES CRYING IN THE RAIN <voc. Salty Holmes>/CANNONBALL SPECIAL <voc. Joe Maphis>/CHEROKEE EYES<voc. Amber Sisters>/ DIVORCES <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/DON'T SELL DADDY ANY MORE WHISKEY <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/DON'T SHED YOUR TEARS AFTER I'M GONE <voc. Salty Holmes>/ECHOES OVER THE SMOKEYS <voc. Mattie O'Neil + Trio>/I FOUND MY MAMA <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/I'VE WAITED TOO LONG <voc. Amber Sisters>/JUST AN OLD FARM FOR SALE <voc. Salty Holmes>/LITTLE RUSTY <Mattie O'Neil>/LONESOME ROAD BLUES <voc. Amber Sisters>/LONG TIME GONE <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/LOOK WHAT FOLLOWED ME HOME <voc. Amber Sisters>/MY WORST MISTAKE <voc. Mattie O'Neil + Trio>/NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN <voc. Salty Holmes>/ONE MORE TIME <voc. Amber Sisters>/OUR LOVE IS GONE <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/SHACKLES AND CHAINS <voc. Mattie O'Neil + Trio>/SO TIRED OF YOUR RUNNIN' AROUND <voc. Amber Sisters>/STUCK WITH LOVE <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/SWANEE SWING <Inst.>/USELESS <voc. Amber Sisters>/WABASH BLUES <Inst.>/WAKE UP, LITTLE BOY BLUE <voc. Mattie O'Neil>/WHEN I WANT LOVIN', BABY, I WANT YOU <voc. Amber Sisters>.