Leon McAuliffe - A Musical Souvenir Of The Late ... = Cattle CCD 295 
Disc cover and web page designed by Mrs Dagmar Anita Binge, Germany.

CCD 295 A Musical Souvenir Of The Late LEON McAULIFFE (24 tracks)

BIRMINGHAM BOUNCE <voc. Leon McAuliffe & Jimmy Hall>/BITTER TEARS <voc. Jimmy Hall>/ BLACKSMITH BLUES <voc. Leon McAuliffe>/BLUE GUITAR STOMP <Inst.>/CARELESS HANDS <voc. Jimmy Hall & band members>/CHATTANOOGA SHOE SHINE BOY <voc. unidentified>/EATING RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAND <voc. Duane Bass>/HEAR ME NOW <voc. Jimmy Hall>/HEART ATTACKS <voc. Duane Bass>/I DIDN'T KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED YOU <voc. Roy Terry>/I'M GOING BACK TO BIRMINGHAM <voc. Leon McAuliffe>/NO ONE FOR ME <voc. Jimmy Hall>/PANHANDLE WALTZ <Inst.>/ REDSKIN RAG <Inst.>/SOMEBODY ELSE IS A-BEATIN' MY TIME <voc. Leon McAuliffe>/STOLEN LOVE <voc. Billy Walker>/SUGAR AND SALT <voc. Jimmy Hall>/TAKE IT AWAY, LEON <voc. Jimmy Hall, Leon McAuliffe + 1 unidentified>/THE THREE BEARS <voc. Leon McAuliffe>/THERE'S A RIGHT WAY, A WRONG WAY <voc. Roy Terry?>/THIS SIDE OF TOWN <voc. Leon McAuliffe>/TWIN FIDDLE RAG <Inst.>/WHAT, WHERE AND WHEN <voc. Leon McAuliffe, Jimmy Hall & Bobby Bruce>/WHO TOOK MY RING FROM YOUR FINGER <voc. Billy Walker>.